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The Kevin Kevinson Story

by The Hill Brothers

The Kevin Kevinson Story
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Kevin Kevinson is an Australian icon. Or at least he should be. Born the clubfooted, illegitimate son of a French/Pakistani whore in Kings Cross, Kevin is adopted by two middle-aged gay men: Kevin Bevan and Bruce Kevinson. Escaping the city when Kevin Jnr is only an infant, the mismatched family forge a life in the bush town of Demondrille before a burning desire to play Rugby Union, and an unfortunate episode with a goat, forces Kevin to leave his home and family in his late teens. Unwavering throughout his many obstacles, Kevin chases his dream to play rugby for the Wallabies. The Kevin Kevinson Story is an uplifting tale of one man overcoming personal adversity to realise his dreams. Written in a style only the warped minds of The Hill Brothers could possibly produce, this dreadfully politically incorrect tale will have you laughing, cringing, but most of all cheering for a new Australian hero, Kevin Kevinson.


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