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The Key of C

Susan Benedict

The Key of C
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The Key of 'C' is a drama set in a background of the classical music world and its intrigues, moving between Sydney, Australia and England.
Claudia, a musicologist, and Colin Gutterson, a renowned conductor, have sustained twenty-two years of stormy marriage whilst pursuing their separate careers. The marriage survives separation and infidelities only because of their apathy and the love of their two sons.
Claudia discovers fragments of a manuscript containing compositions similar to medieval motets attributed to 'Roy Henry' in the 'Old Hall' manuscript, a valuable and controversial collection of late 14th and early 15th century polyphonous music. She claims that 'Roy Henry? is Henry V and is accused of fraud by a leading music critic from one of England's most respected journals and Colin is accused of collaboration. Faced with ruin, they both have to rescue their reputations and their marriage.