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The Lace Tablecloth

Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis

The Lace Tablecloth
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Australian Fiction

They came in their tens of thousands and stayed to make Australia their own. What did they leave behind? What did they face?
The author vividly describes a sensitive young Greek girl’s life with all the usual insecurities and confusion exacerbated by the German occupation of Greece and the civil war. The bleak conditions she confronts with her eventual migration (under bizarre circumstances) to Australia further aggravate the state of affairs.
The Lace Tablecloth is a hymn to the freedom that can come about by dissociating ourselves from much of what we are taught as children, from reappraising our concept of reality, and from making certain life choices. It is also a tribute to the indomitable human spirit which can overcome unimaginable difficulties to enable one to grow, become productive, and embrace life with love and enthusiasm.




Book Reviews for The Lace Tablecloth

a well-inspired and pleasingly narrated novel
Professor Dr. Anastasios M. Tamis