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The Last Colonial

by Gerard Deudekom

The Last Colonial
Previously Published Book

This story is based on actual facts. It all started in Europe in 1929, the year of the Great Depression when the world was battling a severe economic fallout, followed by the destructive years of World War Two.
It tells of desperate efforts to escape post-war Holland and the desire to explore countries and continents unknown.
From life experiences in Germany and England, the story moves to Malaya where the tide of nationalism was sweeping the country. The British Colonial Masters had to face years of desperate guerrilla warfare of the Malayan Peoples' Liberation Army to secure independence.
It gives an account of colonial life in Malaya and Singapore in the fifties and a unique and authentic picture of life in primitive Borneo, the land of the once notorious head-hunters.
The story ponders the difficult decision that faced so many ex-colonials as to where to make a new home. It traces explorative journeys to Canada and South Africa before finally settling in Australia.





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