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The Leadbeaters of Murphy's Spur

Robyn Locket

The Leadbeaters of Murphy's Spur
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Australian Fiction

Shy looked back over his shoulder. He'd expected to see Missy following him but instead, in the distance, he could see the empty white branch shining in the moonlight.
Missy was nowhere to be seen… Julie felt she had found an issue where she could make a contribution that would have an effect on the future of the planet and had thrown herself whole heartedly into saving the Leadbeaters Possums from the threat of logging on Murphy's Spur.
After trapping a possum, called Missy, Julie becomes disillusioned with the intentions of the protest group and, releasing her, leaves.
Meanwhile, as daylight was fading, the colony of Leadbeater Possums on Murphy's Spur had set out to forage in the territory below, returning early, disgruntled and complaining if the shortage of sustenance that was to be found nearby. They had to move. Their only option was to the adjoining dangerous park.
Following the logging, while living a precarious and at times tragic life in the park, the colony waited for the day when, with regrowth established, they would return to Murphy's Spur.
However, a further calamity awaited them before a return to Murphy's Spur would be realised.