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The Light of the World

Win Wise

The Light of the World
Previously Published Book

After teaching religious education in Sunday schools and public schools for forty years, Win and Tom Wise had an idea. They believed that a simpler and more cohesive reading of Scripture would be immensely helpful for young people and new Christians just starting out on their Bible-reading journey. They believed that for a beginner, reading the whole Bible could be daunting, while reading the New Testament only could mean missing its key foundation. After much consideration they decided on The Light of the World, a simpler approach to reading the Bible.
Set in chronological order, The Light begins with God's perfect creation and how it was spoiled by disobedience. Following with the life of Christ, it shows the love of God, the way we should live and the sacrifice that provided man with the way back to God. Finishing with the Revelation of St John, we see the eventual restoration to an eternal, perfect life for those who follow Jesus.
This work provides a springboard for people to progress to more in-depth studies of the whole Bible. It provides clear headings for every incident, together with a listing of all scriptures used, and leads to a deeper understanding of who Jesus was and is. The book is not only for beginning Bible readers but also for the more schooled reader, who will find it useful as a reference tool.
The Light of the World is the core of the Christian message. From here, those interested can move to a study of other parts of the Bible with greater understanding.