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The Lighthouse Keeper

by Sonia F. Stevens

The Lighthouse Keeper
Previously Published Book

My Imagination My Words of Wisdom Sharing a part of my Life with you.
Just Words put together by my Feeling Read them, Enjoy them.
Feel them They are shared with you.  May the clouds part their ways,  Let the rays of hope shine on your soul.
May the winds through time find gentleness To guild you to where you go.
(I am the lighthouse keeper, the light shows the obstacles.
 I also am the keeper of the bridge over time, I warn of obstacles.
My stairs are circular, You're free to pass and be safe Or stay) Your life is clear, so have no fear.
May the winds of time take you to your divine There is no time for me.
So let all things be. Let my light show you,  If you cross the bridge.. You may do so with out the charges of life,Cost to you is nothing. For I will gladly pay the bills of your time,  So you can meet your divine.
Knowing you will not be mine.




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