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The Long Road Back

by H. T. Sargeant

The Long Road Back
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It is a little-known fact that during the Second World War some Bomber Command aircrews had a second wireless operator, one who could speak fluent German. Their task was to block all messages sent by the enemy to its night fighter pilots during a raid, then using the enemy's radio frequency to give false directions, in German, to the fighter pilots that would take them well away from the bomber stream and so help to reduce the number of Allied aircraft that were attacked. However, although those so-called 'special? wireless operators managed to stop many an enemy fighter pilot reaching his target at least one of those victories had come at a very high price. Indeed, the 'Special? wireless operator in this story so regretted the tragic part he had played in that particular raid that he was determined to return to his original hometown in Baden after the war to atone in some way for the suffering the people there had gone through during the bombing of their city. That path to reconciliation and peace would become known to him as 'The Long Road Back?





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