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The Mysterious Coat

Nicholas Walsh

The Mysterious Coat
Previously Published Book

Tyler Brown is an average guy who works at the Duke Of York Hotel in St Kilda. When he sees somebody whisk by in a mysterious-looking coat, he initially thinks nothing of it. Little is he to know that this coat will change his life.
The coat comes to haunt Tyler, appearing at work, at home and even when he is with his exotic girlfriend Angelique. There seems no escaping it and Tyler is never able to identify who's wearing it.
Tyler thinks he's going mad and employs the aid of the famous psychiatrist/private eye Dr Van Airhardt who encourages and assists Tyler to investigate the mystery.
The investigation leads to Tyler meeting a world of different people and finding out things about himself, Angelique, the police and the city of Melbourne that he didn't think were possible.
The Mysterious Coat is an amazing adventure full of twists and turns that you won't be able to put down. It will have you seeing life from another person's perspective in a way you?d never imagined possible.