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The Panache of the Pastry Chef

Duncan Campbell

The Panache of the Pastry Chef
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Confection temptation — sweet surrender — sticky endings… These three epitomise the pastry chef's endeavour to satisfy and maintain clients' needs. The pastry chef's world is one of mystique, magic and endurance. Their showmanship, entertainment value and hard work form the basis of the quintessential sugar-fix. Digest this book without intrepidation; become transfixed by the craft; and immerse yourself in the pastry chef's knowledge.
Acquire the who's who, the what's what and the why's of pastry chefs, and then let yourself be spun, coated and crystallised in pastry thought.
Admire pastry chefs for their skill, mastery, execution and artistry.
Enjoy what sweetness bestows but, most importantly, allow the panache and flair of the pastry chef to provide you with contentment and satisfaction.
Sweet success.