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The Poppy Crop

Bill Hornadge

The Poppy Crop
Previously Published Book

The Poppy Crop involves the adventures of an unusual farmer and two female lawyers with the story moving at a lively pace to and fro between Sydney and the Bush.
There are lashings of dirty deeds, acts of nepotism, fights, feuds, violence and general mayhem in which the good guys (and sheilas) get the rough end of the pineapple, at least until bad boy Vince cops a bullet in a sensitive place.
The only real winner appears to be a scrofulous pig farmer named Murphy who manages to hold to ransom an unruly and stranded TV camera crew.
Although the author Bill Hornadge is also the biographer of Lennie Lower, there is no truth in the rumour that this is a bush sequel to Lower’s immortal ‘Here’s Luck’, though it is a good read.