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The Realm of Believe

Geoff Cain

The Realm of Believe
Previously Published Book

Early one morning in South Gippsland, an average couple and their dog come face to face with a dragon. They are transported through a star gate above their home to the overlapping second realm. There they are to become new warriors. Tedanill, Silvanill and their dog, Orumkin, land back at their own house mirrored in this second realm. Called 'Believe?, their house is known in the Patch as the Burrashone. Life in this realm is like that of a long bygone era.
They are both found to be legendary Twin Realm Lords linked by blood to the Anilltres dragons, giving them extraordinary powers and skills as warriors. They must win the respect of the Anilltres Dragons at Fire Thorn Hill to gain any hope of victory over the evil Gand and his army of Tarnites and also Black Wing, a rogue dragon. With the looming evil storm in Bournenite city growing, they must hone their abilities while gathering an army of people and creatures. From the dragons they learn that if the balance of good/evil is not maintained across the first two realms, the ultimate realm is in danger.
Outnumbered three to one, the battle begins.