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The Santa Files

Linda Smith

The Santa Files
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Dash surprised his leader by bowing low, before rising poker-faced and performing a little two step dance. Resuming his military stance in the dead centre of the room, he declared in reverential tones: “It is a very enormous nobleness to meet you, Mr Claus, Sir. I was so joyous to be the messiah for this job. You must fathom that the full tradition of Christmas has been of an astonishing hobby to me. I have studied it in great width and am truly proud to be a spoke in it at last.” Dash took a deep breath and resumed his military pose.
Santa eyed the foreign elf in wonder. “Well, marvellous, marvellous,” he replied. “Do take a seat.”
Santa has an overzealous telemarketer to thank for the employment of his new foreman. An elf from the fascist eastern chapter of elves, Dash immediately gets busy with his plans to improve Santa’s operation, beginning with a strict adherence to Rule One: Naughty Children do not get Presents.
Can the beauteous Skinny Legs and the ancient Green Ears save Christmas from their new workshop foreman? Or will they be too distracted by re-runs of their favourite television show?
Will Christmas ever be the same again?