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The Shadows of Six Flags Upon My Tracks Volume 1

by Harijs Upenieks

The Shadows of Six Flags Upon My Tracks Volume 1
Previously Published Book

This book is not meant for historians nor literati. It is an account which someone, who might be less demanding on correctness of one sort or another, would like to read and know of one's experiences of events 'over there' and on the other side of the well-maintained 'fence' of — not ours — in history between the years of 1925 and 1948. The beginning imagined.
War on the Eastern Front as remembered. The advance of the Red Army westwards 1944. The Rivereins father, mother, Hue and little puppy Duxie are refugees in their own country
Dreaming — Hues' childhood, youth, Russian occupation of the country 1940. German occupation of the country 1941-1944. Must get to the West somehow. Hue is mustered on a cargo ship. Leaves his native land.




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