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The Silk Road Wars

Frank Spencer

The Silk Road Wars
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Historical Fiction

The Silk Roads created a vast trading empire which made China the wealthiest of nations. This also made China the prize other nations strived to plunder. Throughout the Ming Dynasty the great wall was extended and strengthened and a formidable army was created to fight off the many and regular invaders.
In the reign of the last Emperor the Ming army had undergone a major transformation. Conscription had been introduced and a special elite unit created. This unit was led by a General who was a master in the Art of War, a giant who was to become China's greatest warrior and his father who was a wizard in designing and manufacturing devastating weapons of war.
When the mighty army of King Porus of India crashed through the great wall and his allied nations throughout the Mediterranean took control of the Silk Roads the Ming were ready. They fought back with great vigour and although always outnumbered their superior strategies and superior weaponry more than levelled the odds.
Over the next ten years they fought a bloody campaign. In the many great land and sea battles Britain emerged as the prime antagonist. She was building a mighty navy and an empire to rival those of Alexander the Great, Persia and the Romans. China and Britain remained bitter enemies and in conflict well into the age of steam and dreadnought battleships.