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The Song of Mawu

Jeff Edwards

The Song of Mawu
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Political Thriller

Genocide in the African country of Sontaria causes a surge of escaping refugees to seek sanctuary in neighbouring Namola.
In Namola, The Fund uses all its resources to build a state-of-the-art facility and to move the refugees from their disease ridden camp on the border.
However, President for Life Joseph Lattua has other plans for the new encampment and evicts the refugees, moving his brother's army into the quarters.
Justine Small and her fellow board members must regain control of their camp or many more refugees will die. They recruit exiled Namolan surgeon Daniel Zibu and convince him to return to the country of his birth in order to defeat Lattua's army and oust the tyrant.
Without an army, can The Fund and Zibu succeed in their wild scheme, and who will be made to pay the ultimate price? Who will the moon goddess Mawu smile upon?