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The Sunny Side of the Street

Maria Stefanidis

The Sunny Side of the Street
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

'I hope I'm not interrupting. You were at the river today. My name is Ruth Dempster, or Ruthie if you like.
You haven't lived here long.' She then turned and pointed across the road. 'I live over there.' In the year 1953 Harry Demitriou leaves his troubled homeland Cyprus and sets sail for Australia with nothing more than a borrowed suitcase and a few shillings.
His young and beautiful wife Martha is reluctant to leave her tiny remote village to join him, for to do so would only deprive her of the people intimately attached to her heart. But the cruel gossip of the other villagers will inevitably destroy her life.
Harry settles in the Victorian town of Green-Mount after three years of toiling in the Snowy Mountains. He is welcomed by his neighbours, including the chic and youthful English teacher and war widow Ruth Dempster.
In 1956, Martha and her young daughter Lucinda are reunited with Harry in Australia, but by this time tragedy has already torn their family apart.
Lucinda is growing up in the 60s: an era of rock concerts and racial discrimination. Her friendship with Ruth's daughter Beth puts a strain on Harry and Martha's marriage, and Harry can't help but be drawn to Ruth's sophisticated attributes over his wife's ancient and unrealistic ways.
The Sunny Side of the Street is an epic comedy-drama. It is a story about friendship, love, loyalty, betrayal, family secrets and personal tragedies, stretching across three countries and half a century.