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The Threads of Time

Dave Crawford

The Threads of Time
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Science Fiction

Experience the collision of two very different worlds. The first, as seen through the eyes of Rod, a fighter pilot and Hydie, a teenage girl, is one of titanic spaceships, hibernation, time travel, super computers and eerie outcomes from rampant genetic engineering. Rod and Hydie are made prisoners of war, and both face great dangers. The other world is that of provincial peasants and a class-conscious urban society. The peasant Zoahum, the victim of a local rebellion, finds himself the unwilling caretaker of a giant spaceship. Ghem the astronomer and his young daughter embark on a journeyof discovery which becomes ever more terrifying. A grand saga ranging from space battles to cavalry charges and aggressive, rule-bound clones to horse-drawn carts. Each sections has a different theme but with a strong linking narrative with tales of betrayal, loyalty, chivalry, humour, revenge and love. Where will the threads be blown by the winds of time and who survives to be there at the final meeting place?



Book Reviews for The Threads of Time

Parallels with many episodes ...
Chris McGuigan, Kensington Review