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The Tobacco Barons

Chrisoula Feros

The Tobacco Barons
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Historical Drama
Historical Fiction

The Tobacco Barons is Chrisse Feros? account of the unforgiving and barbarous pursuit for power between two dynasties of entrepreneurs for control of tobacco in the islands of Sumatra and Singapore in the 1930s.
The brutal underworld of the tobacco trade during the recession years of the 1930s in the orient is the setting for this epic story, which recounts the conquests and tragedies of tobacco baron Jack Rothsfield, who commands business deals for his American family. Arch-rival British tycoon James Hindsmith would do everything in his power to break Jack's stranglehold and overtake his plantations. James? daughter, Justiana, endeavors to save her mother's plantation assets from malicious payback attacks by impenetrable factions of the Chinese triads, whilst becoming embroiled with the Rothsfields. The lives of Jack's family become vulnerable to acts of murder and brutality by warring Chinese lords, escalating into a violent and unforgettable tobacco war.
Jack would suffer betrayal, deal opium, befriend pushers, rebel guerillas and the mafia to get to where he wanted.
The Tobacco Barons is an unrelenting and highly sophisticated narrative which unveils the might of the Chinese Ganglords and their alliances, following acts of corruption across the islands. It is a gripping account of a heroic vision, a search for solace, and a fight for supremacy over the trade of this powerful and addictive drug.