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The Travelling Embalmer

by K H Schumacher

The Travelling Embalmer
Galley Release

The Traveling Embalmer follows the exploits and adventures of an American funeral director as he embalms his way though Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan.
Baltimore, Maryland.
'This is a bad one' said one of the railroad policemen as I met the group about 100 meters from the resting locomotive. While removing a stretcher from my removal wagon I asked if the victim was a big man.
'Well...uh...We're not sure exactly. You see...he's in pieces?!!!
Bali, Indonesia.
After passing through the main gate of the large compound we came upon a large dormitory style building where at least 50 young gals were milling about the porch area. Talk about selection! White skin, brown skin, Chinese features, Indonesian features, short, tall, Vientiane, Laos.
'That was funny, but strange,' Tom said. 'Were you speaking Japanese back there?'
'Yes. I was,' I admitted. I paused. 'Shit, I'm stoned. I thought I was back in Osaka. Asian faces, I guess.'
Perth, Australia
I pulled him aside, saying, 'There's 36 bodies in there and only three of us. You want to leave with me now? We could be in Bangkok in less than eight hours!'





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