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The Twins of Falconia

David Carter

The Twins of Falconia
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Almost sixteen years: ago twin girls were born to the powerful witch Queen Katerina in the Castle of Falconia. One of the girls disappeared that day and the queen trusted she would never be heard of again.
The present: Sir Philip Concord, a young knight, the nephew of King Regis of Concordia, is travelling on a trade mission for his uncle. On the way, he rescues the beautiful lost twin, Charlotte, from a ferocious monster and immediately becomes besotted.
A week later, newly arrived in Falconia, he mistakes the other twin for Charlotte, betraying the fact that she is alive. A relentless pursuit of his beloved is begun as the queen and her daughter do their best to destroy Charlotte. Charlotte learns of their plans, and thus starts the quest to save her life.
This exciting tale is full of strange creatures, from manticores to harpies, werewolves to goblins and more. There are human allies and foes, duels of men, fights with strange creatures and attacks of dark magic. Only one twin can survive, and if so, who will it be?