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The Undesirable Immigrant

Ian Marshall

The Undesirable Immigrant
Previously Published Book

Georgina Lock's only apparent sin was that she wanted to marry an Australian who already had a wife.
But when she arrived in Australia, the government branded her an adventuress, and turned her away.
The young journalist Howard Conway, on the run from a scandal in London, set out to discover the truth behind this baffling exclusion and before long was involved in some extremely murky politics, and a demanding love affair of his own.
Peter Renwick, Georgina's Australian lover, just wanted to be left alone to pursue his dream of playing cricket like Victor Trumper, but there was going to be no easy escape from the murderous intrigues he himself had helped to launch.
Only that other great romantic saga of this year of 1936, King Edward's decision to give up his Throne, sparked as much public debate.
The Undesirable Immigrant is a fascinating fictional re-creation of one of the most dramatic immigration scandals in Australian history, long before detention centres and children overboard.