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The Ventriloquist

Terry Gardiner

The Ventriloquist
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Australian Fiction

Paul Arnold, CSIRO scientist, pays $1000 for sex with Rachel Doyle, a prostitute from Northern Ireland who has a technique no other prostitute can match. Rachel escapes from Derry to Brisbane after a client threatens an acid attack.
Here she meets up with Fergus Burrows who is living in Brisbane.
At a barbecue hosted by Fergus, Rachel meets Matthew, who after paying $500 for sex, offers Rachel $20,000 to relaunch her career in Australia. The offer has serious strings attached.
Paul has divorced his wife Louise, who returned to Cowra to live with her parents and two sons. Paul switches his research from physics to biology to follow a path to reduce the need for abortions. When Paul sees Rachel, her bodyguard Steve, recognises Paul and pursues him.