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The Warp

Rex Kinder

The Warp
Previously Published Book

Apart from frequent mention of aeroplanes and airlines, this collection of short stories is eclectic and diverse. It deals with emotions, humour, bad taste, stupidity, grief, flashes of brilliance, and horror; just some of life’s interesting things. Rednik sees it all like the threads in a tapestry while the people comprise The Warp.
he writer’s chance has been to meet a lot of wild people, mostly involved in development assistance. We read of Remulas, a PNG Renaissance man; Chingai the disturbed and accommodating woman of Mindoro; Pete the dispossessed engineer from Zimbabwe; Gopal the good Brahman of Imphal; and Aziz and Francoise as they travel in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Our writer’s chance also has been to correspond with an unusual Dane, they have not met, but co-wrote three of the stories.
The Warp will make you laugh and question why you are doing so.