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The Wheel: Saints and Sinners

Dave Crawford

The Wheel: Saints and Sinners
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Historical Fiction

In this fictional story, Jeff Greenstains, born in late-13th century England, tells the story of his life. He was born in the village of Lower Stint in the Pennine Hills, the son of Brother Stonefyus, a hermit monk, and Sister Ann, an exiled nun. He is raised by his mother for the first seven years before going to live with his father. But only after leaving the village does he start to uncover the real truth of his family's unusual background
A journey to the east coast England in the company of outlaw Frank Pudding of the Robin Hood franchise, and a wayward girl called Mossmay, takes the three friends first to the Fens and then to Port Lynden. Under the terms of a royal charter and having connections with the Hanseatic League, the town is a self-governing entity. Jeff, who's been well tutored by his father, soon finds himself caught up in local politics.
At issue are the systemic corruption within parts of the medieval church, the push to translate the Bible from Latin into English, and the machinations of Desmont Oatmann, a rich merchant. Jeff finds a strong ally in successful businesswoman Hilda de Pernay, and a potential deadly enemy in Bishop Henry de Casworth. But there is a suggestion that this drama played out in medieval times may have its parallels in the modern era.
Here is a story of love and loss, of deception, corruption, murder, loyalty, and the hope of being reborn into a better life.