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The Wilmont Chronicles

Paul Harrison

The Wilmont Chronicles
Previously Published Book

Raised in a sheltered Christian family, sixteen year old schoolboy, Milton Taylor, is the 'perfect' son. In his final year at Wilmont Senior High, nothing could make his parents more proud than to see their son graduate. However, not everything about Milton Taylor is quite as it seems.
Like most hot-blooded teenage boys, Milton is controlled by his overly active libido and heightened need to procreate. When his burgeoning desire for his best friend, Stacey Sommers, becomes all-consuming and his lust for her beyond his control, Milton's obscure sexual fantasies are exposed.
Amidst the sometimes gruesome goings on at Wilmont Senior High, Milton is pushed to extremes as he submits to perverse desires and unfathomable vices. Gripped by the unendurable state that is adolescence, his faith in God is tested as he is confronted by a life changing decision with unimaginable consequences.