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The Wisdom of Snowy Dalton

by Reg Mounsey

The Wisdom of Snowy Dalton
Previously Published Book

Reg Mounsey's life story is one of courage and determination in a seemingly heartless world. Reg is an optimist despite the rough roads which he has travelled. He has surmounted situations which could have ground him down, but his love of living and the pursuit of a ?fair go? for him and his family, pushed him courageously onwards.
The reader will be so intrigued by this saga of a courageous and admirable man beginning when he was three years of age in an orphanage to the present day when at the age of eighty-four he is battling ill health but determined to share his amazing experiences. The reader will journey in the Australian bush and cities with the likeable Reg, learning about the people and their values in the decades through which he lived. His story will enthral, excite, sadden, horrify and humour the reader who will be continually uplifted by Reg's courage and tenacity.





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