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The Wong Way to Marry

C A Poulter

The Wong Way to Marry
Previously Published Book

Meet the Wongs!

Your ordinary, average, suburban, extended, post-war immigrant Chinese family – steeped in tradition and old-fashioned family values.
This is Lillie’s story – their second daughter. Feisty, independent and unlike her compliant older sister Jane, questions and challenges the dictates of her traditional upbringing. She is an Asian girl, with a western mindset – caught between cultures.
Her love of rock ‘n’ roll takes her into a world of music and mayhem. She falls in love with a dreaded gweilo (white boy) – which is strictly forbidden.
Stu, a scruffy, permanently broke, hippie rock ‘n’ roll muso – with long blond hair, beard, skin-tight ripped jeans and driving a clapped out old rust-bucket of a car, is far from suitable marriage material. Lillie’s mother, hell bent on getting all her children wed to the right people, would certainly not approve of him.
Daria – Lillie’s younger sister is plain, serious, and incredibly fussy, searching for ‘the perfect husband’.
Pete, their younger brother, just can’t get it together. He spends his time drunk, stoned or getting busted by the cops because of his dodgy mates. Chinese girls hate him.
The two teenage girls are watching with great interest.
Will mother succeed in her mission?
Who will find love, fortune or happiness?
A hilarious, heart-warming and incredibly funny tale of growing up ethnic … and the consequences of defying tradition.




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