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The best years of your life: growing up in Sydney ...

by George Hutchinson

The best years of your life: growing up in Sydney ...
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George Hutchinson grew up in western Sydney, Australia in the 1930s and 1940s — a time of great local and global change.
George's boyhood was marked by the legacy of the Great Depression, and later by the Pacific Front of World War II. But it was also a time when the wireless radio and the local picture theatre were still new and wondrous forms of entertainment. When boys passed the time by making stagecoaches out of prams and picking blackberries on undeveloped land. When the Parramatta River was a source of inspiration and homemade boating ingenuity.
In this book, George takes us back to the first fifteen years of his life, to reflect on those formative years and share a personal view of a world and a way of life that is now history.




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