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Thirteen, Unlucky for Some

Christine Duncan aka T.J. Arryn

Thirteen, Unlucky for Some
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The vampire, Vauchin, and the khawlin, Aud, in conjunction with a mysterious companion, have plotted to abduct ten individuals to a selected cave down in the dreaded labyrinth of the Underworld of Sane - a realm closely linked with the human imagination. Collectively, they are the chosen Thirteen members of the Legends of the Crystal Skull, who must be united in order to open a secret portal to other worlds. Vauchin, Aud, and the mysterious companion take advantage of the marriage ceremony of the sprite, Wenoc, and the satyr, Jeryl, to bring the unwitting ten individuals together, and who, unknown to all but the vampire, carry an integral 'key' for opening the secret portal. They experience terrifying events as they wander blindly through the labyrinth, their journey culminating in their arrival at the Dragon's Lair. Everyone is fooled by the hidden agenda of this creature, for by means of deception and magic, he steals the ten 'key' crystals and opens the portal himself. But inevitably, during the chaos that follows, almost everyone meets their fatal ending.



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