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Thirty Years in Time

Peter France

Thirty Years in Time
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In the midst of a heated battle during the Vietnam War, Peter Jackson falls into a strange new adventure, where time is just another dimension?

After dangling precariously from the end of a rope, Peter Jackson, on tour in Vietnam, falls through the air during a failed extraction, legs flailing madly. In the thick of battle at the time, his next, and not so unpleasant recollection is that of falling not to the dark jungle many feet below, but on top of a beautiful young Vietnamese woman on a museum floor.

Noc had been endeavouring to clean the glass case in which the Uc Dai Loi had been housed for some time, as there was evidence of mould growing, which would not do for the many visitors to the museum to see such a thing. Even though it was one-sided, Noc had developed a relationship with the handsome but unattainable soldier and chatted to him each day from the outside of the glass case.
Little did she anticipate what would happen next?