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Three Small Suspects

Nicholas James Horgan

Three Small Suspects
Previously Published Book

No concrete evidence was ever found as to who lit the match but I overheard Dad tell Mum, “I’ve got it narrowed down to three small suspects.”
The childhood adventures of three brothers growing up in a small town in country New Zealand in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.   The brothers are a part of a large family of seven.
Their adventures and hi-jinx involve the deliberate flouting  of family and community values.   The aftermath of some of their outrageous pranks, if embarked upon today would result in dire consequence. Fortunately for the brothers, none of their escapades  adversely affected the overall well being of the town’s populace, either individually or en masse except in maybe one or two cases but even they were questionable.  
The exploits cover a period of almost twenty five years.   They revolve around school, white baiting, hut building and many pastimes obsolete in today’s world of television, computers, mobile phones and iPods.
Written in simplistic prose  the story finishes after the boys’ mother passes away.   Their father had preceded  her by six years.
Horgan writes in a frank, warts and all, honest and ultra humorous style which will bring back fond memories for baby boomers and will have the younger generations in fits of laughter, disbelief and awe.