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Tight in the Bud

by Cassandra Jose

Tight in the Bud
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

When Katrina's daughters travel overseas, she is overwhelmed by a deluge of loneliness. To revive her ailing social life, she joins a scrapbooking class where an old photograph unleashes buried regrets for her long-ago companion, Ruth. As a teenager, Katrina was awed by this daring girl who introduced her to a world of free expression and uninhibited behaviour. Together they joined the Labor Party, started a women's collective and undertook social activism. But Katrina led a double life. Intense parental pressure pushed her into a marriage pact with a man with little respect for the person she was trying to become. Katrina could not keep this commitment secret from Ruth and the price she paid for entanglement in her mother's schemes was the loss of her dearest friend. All these years later, the photograph of Ruth reduces Katrina to shuddering tears and it becomes imperative for her to discover why. Katrina counts on the thirty year reunion of her graduate class to bring distant friends together again. But will Ruth attend? Katrina will not know until she arrives