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Titan and his Troupes

by Katherine Suardana

Titan and his Troupes
Previously Published Book

Meet Titan: A very dizzy baton-twirling turtle in red spangled shorts.

Twinkle and Sprinkle: Two sugar plum fairies with oversized feet and a desire for fame that couldn’t be beat.

Frank, Freddy and Floyd: Three bright green, mind reading flamingos, with a love for comedies.

Gill, Gurty, Goose and Gus: Four mini Rhinos with a reggae touch.

Mac, Slap, Tip, Pip and Chip: Five yellow rabbits, inventors with a twist. In large top hats and miss matched ears.

An awkward group of misfits from five different worlds collide together through a funny mix of unlucky mishaps and misfortune.

Together they take on the modern world, daring to be different when faced with adversity and misunderstanding.

They create a troupe of touring talents and set off on a crazy once-in-a-lifetime quest. Finding at the end of it all happiness, success and acceptance through the strength to be themselves.





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