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To Die a Good Death

by Steven Sculli

To Die a Good Death
Galley Release

To Die A Good Death is a thriller about the redemption of a terrorist who can't return to his former associates without being executed for disloyalty; can't turn himself in without getting the death penalty and can't run off with the love of his life without jeopardising her future. Only one way out.
Ishmael is ready to die for Islam. His mission, destroy the water supply to Los Angeles.
His lifelong friend Canaan is also ready to die, but not for Islam; he is using it for his own personal vendetta against Reverend Jonathan Duvall, an American fundamentalist who abused him at a Christian mission school in India. The beautiful, vivacious and patriotic Rosasharn has always been ready to die for her country America, but will her country let her live as she gets tangled in a terrorist conspiracy?





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