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Tower of Power

Billy Munro

Tower of Power
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Disc jockey, male stripper, comedian and artist Billy Munro provides a lively thirty-year history of pop chart music from the early hit parades to the birth of the Top 40, the Top 50 and the Top 100 and everything in between. It's a view from the inside of those rockin? radio stations and their DJs who thrashed those seven-inch 45 rpm vinyl platters twenty-four hours a day for three swingin? decades.
Billy recalls the cool jingles and pop survey charts, the super stadium shows, dance crazes, recording artists and record labels. Grab your tranny, turn on and tune in for a rad radio replay from Rage to Rocktober. Take a trip down thetime tunnel of hits to the fast flyers and hot predictions that were ahead of the hippiest sounds around. Billy conjures up a solid gold, million dollar weekend with the smoothest sounds around an Aussie pozzie and a playback from wayback. The transmitter is running hot and the tower of power is sending out its awesome signal. Revel with Billy in a fab fantastic flashback of chart music radio history that changed our lives forever. What fun and what an earful it all was.




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