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Trippin the Wright Way

by C A Poulter

Trippin the Wright Way
Previously Published Book

From the author of The Wong Way to Marry comes a tale of tripping in a beat-up old Kombi, on a hippie trail, heads full of zombie!
It’s 1982 and brothers Stu and Glenn Wright are heading out from the bottom of the earth for their big OE (Overseas Experience). Banding together with their friends and family, a group of intrepid travellers from down under set out to conquer Europe, Morocco and Turkey in a couple of dungy old vee-dub Kombi vans. Glenn is a single guy who lives on a cocktail of sex, drink and drugs. He’s a magnet to the girls – and trouble. Stu is a talented rock ‘n’ roll musician, recently married to Lillie and seeking to put his wild past behind him. Joining them are Gonzo, a dope-smoking alcoholic, Trev whose mates offer the dodgiest deals this side of the black stump and Headband the hippie with the grubbiest sense of humour ever. Even before they leave England, our travellers find themselves pursued by the previous owners of the campervans, unwitting recipients of a drug deal gone wrong. Will the peddlers repossess all the dope hidden throughout the panels, or will the boys smoke it all first? What follows is a hilarious and hair-raising romp in the fast lane, a trip that will change all their lives. Packed full of music, mirth and mayhem... Get ready for one hell of a ride!




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