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Understanding Us

Valerie Johnstone

Understanding Us
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How do you feel when stressed? Muscles tense? Palms sweaty? Heart racing? Donít worry - itís all part of being human. All we Homo sapiens have such sensations. Why? Because we still have our old mammalian brain. Its red-alert system is primed to react immediately to protect us from any perceived threat. But we also have our new human brain. It has a vivid imagination, which invents irrational psychological threats. These needlessly activate the old primitive fight or flight mechanism. Result? Uncontrolled, chronic stress.
Understanding Us simplifies the complexity of our brainís evolution. It also shows how we can harness and harmonise the strengths of both old and new brains to modify our bodyís over-active stress response and so take control of our lives.


    Warrick L.J. Bishop, BMed, BSurg, BMedSci, FRACP Consultant Physician in Cardiology
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  • BACK COVER: îA wonderful commonsense book, well researched, with humorous and clear explanations.
    Psychologist Christine Wood, BA (Hons), MPsych, MAPS
    ìScholarly, yet readily accessible by all readers. Excellent use of visualmaterial.î
    Social Anthropologist Jenny Hughes, BA (Hons), PhD
    ìI wish this book had been available when I was doing my university training!î
    Counsellor Ken Warren, BA, MSocSc, CPC, MACA (Clinical)
  • INSIDE: This is a most timely and important work. Eminently readable, it simplifies the incredibly complicated world behind stress management. It will be invaluable for anyone wanting to know more about emotions and feelings, and the recent findings on the body/mind connection. In an easy conversational style, the author explains both theories and research in neuroscience, biology and psychology, and then offers commonsense and empowering strategies from well-attested therapies for self-help in managing our modern stress.
    Christine Wood, BA (Hons), MPsych, MAPS has recently completed a doctoral study of emotional skills and stress reduction in Australian parents. She teaches the psychology of peace and conflict at university level.

    Understanding Us is a competent synthesis of current philosophy and psychology as they relate to the individual in society today. In a friendly and personal style, the author speaks directly to the reader, firstly laying the groundwork of knowledge, and then offering a very positive approach to surviving and thriving in this modern risk-society in which we all live. This is a book which provides a challenge for those who feel they are not currently distressed, and empowerment for those who are.
    Jenny Hughes BA (Hons ), has a PhD from La Trobe University. She was formerly a senior lecturer in social anthropology at Deakin University, Victoria. She is currently teaching social anthropology to U3A students.

    Not handling the challenges confronting you? Want to take control of your life? Then this is the book for you. Clearly and simply, it explains the importance of the link with our past, and the connection between our thoughts, feelings actions and physiology. It helps us to understand why we respond as we do to the stressors of our modern world, and so enables us to manage our ancient stress response in a far more intelligent and effective way. I will certainly be recommending this book to my clients.
    Ken Warren BA, MSocSc, CPC, MACA is a clinician, lecturer, trainer and writer. His counselling activities encompass private practice, conducting seminars, training professionals, writing regular articles, and publishing a free email newsletter.