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Upon the Sheep's Back

S.J. Jordan

Upon  the Sheep's Back
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

One by one, all the little lambs must die … It's an arctic cold night in Melbourne town, December 23, just two days from Christmas and 'the Shepherd' comes to fleece his flock.
Recently retired CEO of the country's biggest bank, E James Anderson is the first victim of many sickening murders that will have Melbourne's most affluent locking their doors at night as one by one a twisted serial killer hunts them down, leaving his bizarre calling card.
At forty-eight years of age, Detective McKenzie Mitchell has seen it all in a decorated career spanning thirty years on the force, until now. Before his eyes lies the bodies of two men in a ritzy city apartment high above the Yarra Rive, butchered beyond belief, bloodied, and shorn like sheep. The killing has begun.
Now, in a race against time, Detective McKenzie Mitchell and his partner, the beautiful Angelina McLean, must hunt down a murderous madman before he kills again, before he hunts them down.
The world's most liveable city has become a hunting ground for the Shepherd, and all his little lambs will die!