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Vint-age Life

John McDermott

Vint-age Life
Previously Published Book

This book is about you. The younger you are, the more it is about you.

It is about finding balance in life, about taking care of yourself, about nurturing yourself physically and mentally. Its advice is not only invaluable for those who are in their Vint-age years, and who society misguidedly considers obsolete, but also for the younger generation, who might think themselves invulnerable.


The answers are inside. They include advice as to how to:
ensure that your doctor is your useful ally, rather than a dispenser of mystique maintain a vigorous lifestyle, setting goals and enjoying a variety of pursuits acting intelligently to maintain the life you have built and enjoy the company of others being assertive but constructively and to your advantage, and getting the best out of your financial advisers, your friendships and your local fish markets.
Live on. Read on.

No matter what your age, Vint-age Life is an essential guide for healthy and productive living which you'll be sure to discuss with you friends and reference time and time again.