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Walk Back in Time

by Judith Flitcroft

Walk Back in Time
Featured Release
Historical Fiction

“Shafts of memory like light from thunderclouds before a storm swept over them. There had been another time and another place when they had walked this path together.” When Becky left Australia and an unhappy marriage for the Emerald Isle, she didn't know what to expect. She always felt a strong pull to Ireland and had constant thoughts that there was a time in her past life where she had known love. Urged on by dying neighbour, Jean Marcel, she returns to Ireland to find her destiny. She arrives, but little does she know that long ago a true Irish beauty, whom she resembled, had travelled this same path. Was this why she felt a special connection to Jean?
This is the story of Bridie Hennessey, a young, Irish, Catholic girl who left her family home in Connemara in Northern Ireland to take on employment as a horse gentler with an English, Protestant family at Faulkner Farm in Galway Bay, and falls crazily in love with son and heir David Faulker. This is also a poignant story of young love during the time of Ireland's win for Home Rule and the lovers' enlistment in WW1, separating them in England and France.
New author Judith Flitcroft's amazing ability to portray hauntingly beautiful Ireland, the majesty of the horses, the brutality of the war and the strength of tender love, has the ability to transport the reader right into the scenes. A recommended read.




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