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Way Back in Time

Peter France

Way Back in Time
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

Sergeant Peter Jackson is commanding a troop in Iraq.

Little does he know but he is about to embark on his strangest adventure yet.
In the midst of crossfire, he sees a young woman appear out of nowhere in a strange contraption. Sandra's father and grandfather had invented a time machine which she has constructed. She and Peter escape inside her machine. Unbeknownst to them, it sends them back thirty-five thousand years.
Their attempts to return to the present day are assisted by a cave tribe. In return, Peter and Sandra teach the tribe how to ride, hunt on horseback and fish. They face aggressive animal and human predators and save the lives of four cave women. Peter is alarmed when he realises that, according to tribal custom, they are now his wives.
And when they finally arrive in the present, danger still stalks them.