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We Had a Dream

Bernard Marin

We Had a Dream
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The 1960s was a decade of social and political upheaval that reshaped every facet of American culture, from civil rights, through feminism, to gay liberation and the anti-Vietnam War movement.
Bernard Marin takes readers into the heart of this turbulent time in an anthology of historical fiction. Through Bernard's eyes, we join a young journalist who witnesses both the Chicago riot of 1968, and the uproarious trial of the ringleaders who came to be called the Chicago Seven.
We follow a university student who finds love while participating in the famous civil rights march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, and witness a chance encounter at a department store lunch counter that transforms a young, Southern white woman into a civil rights activist.
These colourful vignettes open a unique window into the most compelling chapters of the tumultuous 1960s.