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Webs of Deception

Robert Menzies

Webs of Deception
Previously Published Book

Dr James Ulrich, Headmaster of Sydney Boys? Christian College, has been harbouring a terrible secret for twenty-eight years and he has lived with the guilt and shame for all of his adult life.
A strange woman visits him and drops a bombshell, informing him that she is aware of his secret. But her silence comes at a price. She wants James to enrol her delinquent son in his college and protect him from expulsion; otherwise she will go to the police and reveal all.
What follows is the gradual decline of Dr James Ulrich, morally, spiritually and physically. From being a headmaster of impeccable standards and ethics, he descends into a state of amoral depravity as his conscience and his human dignity slip inexorably away from him.
The webs of deception into which he has become entwined finally engulf him and his life hangs by a thread?