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Well, This is Growing Up

Megan Street

Well, This is Growing Up
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Have you ever wondered that?
What if I was to tell you that all the crap stuff you go through, consider bad, sucky and downright shit is actually doing you good?!
Although you may not see it now, every negative has a positive. It's just a matter of opening your eyes and seeing the blessing hidden in disguise!
WTIGU will help you view life differently, more positively and help you to achieve what you and everyone truly wants....
By reading you will become more confident, happy in your own skin and comfortable being your true self... Even if it's a little bit (or a lot). Also included is… Why people hate you!
The one thing that instantly makes you more attractive (and no, it's not a spray tan!) The 4 characteristics that lead to success!
How to make friends anywhere!
THE HOTTEST CHARACTERISTIC YOU CAN HAVE! (And no, it's not big boobs!) So what are you waiting for?