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Whats next God

Vijai Lakshmi

Whats next God
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New Age

This book explores my journey as I rose from poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world. I have travelled without and within, unconsciously powering my self, ignoring conventions and avoiding fears of the collective psyche.

What?s Next, God? describes my seemingly impossible quest to improve my own life and that of my children, parents and siblings. It is a true story of challenging cultural and corporate belief systems.
I believe that we can get whatever we desire: exploring ourselves, healing ourselves, guiding ourselves, powering ourselves, going beyond to Oneness. Anyone can arrive at any one of these aspects. It is open for the reader to choose. There is no limitation. The greatest gift one can give one?s self is the gift to change, for one?s own betterment of one?s self.

From my early childhood years of coping with poverty in South America through my ever changing circumstances, I played out many Archetypal rĂ´les. This book is intended as an insightful reference to inspire any reader as they make their own journey through life.



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