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When Cane Was King

Mary Murray

When Cane Was King
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Historical Fiction

When Came Was King is the story of the Reynolds brothers, Joshua and Robert, their lives, loves and their family, and a wide and varied cast of characters who helped establish, settle and expand the tropical sugar fields of North Queensland. The year is 1873.

The brothers first discover the area as part of the Dalrymple Expedition sent to explore the north east coast beyond Townsville. Robert, then a boy of twelve, is captivated by the vastness and beauty of the Johnstone River Valley.

A skirmish at the sandspit on entering the river brings Robert in contact with Munjimby, an outstanding Aborigine who shines with the spiritual presence of the land, and assists the explorers when a wild tribe attacks. It is the beginning of a unique lifelong friendship ' a joining of cultures that touches them both.

After an adventurous stay with Munjimby, Robert returns to school in Brisbane, and nine years later having attained his majority and an inheritance from his family he heads back to the north to fulfil a pledge he made. He commits himself to the expansion of the area, dreaming of emulating his grandfather who grew sugar in Cuba, while Joshua seeks to create a shipping empire.

This is the story of brave men and women who went into unknown territory to settle and develop an area we all enjoy today ' the great Far North, a tropical paradise.