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Where Did I Leave My Dragon

by Natalie Vujovich

Where Did I Leave My Dragon
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Life, loves, disappointments and reflections.
A personal collection of poems that takes me from when I was still a pre-teen, through all the angst of being a teenager, the expectations of early adult-hood, the realisations of maturity — right up to (almost) present day. It is a glimpse of all the trials, tribulations and treasures I have experienced throughout my life. Some of my own making, some I have had no say over at all, but all have affected me enough to want to put them down in writing.
PS: If you're wondering about the title, well I guess you could call me a dragon lady. I collect dragons of all shapes and sizes with my current collection numbering over 100. I have a dragon tattoo (much to my husband's horror) and I like to believe that the majesty of dragons really does exist out there — just like the faeries at the bottom of my garden…




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