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Where Life Falls

A.R. (Tas) Browning

Where Life Falls
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An engaging account of an Australian naval aviator's life, of lifelong friendships and dangers shared, and adventures on the high seas, in the skies, and in foreign ports.
I started to write this biography many years ago with very little knowledge of what was required for the art of writing.
Along the way, I found myself joining up with a local writer's group and I found their knowledge much greater than mine, hence from my first lesson I found friendship as well with many helpers.
I learned a lot from this group and this has enabled me to give real meaning to my life experiences which the reader's will see.
One cannot go through life without having family, friends, and mates to rely on and be given a lift up when needed. I also need to give my thanks to the many people that did some heavy lifting especially everyone in the medical fraternity who were there when my life needed a lift up.