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Whistler Street

Noel Braun

Whistler Street
New Release

After a childhood in the surf of Western Australia, Vince Kelly is enthused with a burning desire to save mankind and enters the Catholic priesthood. In contrast, his lifelong mate from the beaches, Jamie Griffiths, with no idea of his direction, drifts into a disastrous job and marriage.
Following his unwitting involvement in the death of Jamie’s mother, Vince suffers an emotional and spiritual crisis, which throws his whole life into chaos. Rock-solid foundations are shattered, doubt overtakes all his beliefs and challenges his once firmly held faith. He decides he must leave both Perth and the priesthood, travels across the desert to Sydney and settles in Manly where he hopes to find a new meaning.
As soon as he sees the quaint Federation house in Whistler Street, he knows it’s a suitable place for his recovery. He begins to rebuild his life, turns the house into a home, makes new friends and discoveries about himself but is plagued with indecision and guilt.
Back in Perth Jamie has his own crisis. Already feeling guilty at abandoning Jamie in a time of need, Vince leaves his new friends in Manly to help him but knows that as soon as he later returns to Sydney he must make decisions about his own commitments.